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About Us


Founded in 1995, PT Aneka Indomakmur had evolved into one of Indonesia’s Biscuit & Snack industry’s player. As an Indonesian Biscuits Manufacturer and Brand, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products


In 1996 company started its first biscuit production with just one line unit under their trademark brand of Kangguru; with the focus on the lucrative market of Eastern Java one of Indonesia’s vibrant industrial and business hubs.


AIM on its eve of its anniversary launched it’s another brand with wider range of products under its own abbreviated name AIM biscuits. The brand was giving the company important penetration into untapped market segments through its uniquely “signature” products like Roasted Corn Crackers. The company went its way towards more innovative and quality driven products.


Company now owns several brands serving varied customer preferences from premium to general segment oriented consumers; which are being ensured their availability through PT. AIM vast distribution network that spans across Indonesia.


Most of the biscuit produced is distributed within Indonesia and the rest are exported mainly to ASEAN, Far East, Middle East, Oceania, and Africa.


We do realize that as a food and confectionery manufacturer, we need to produce products with excellent quality. So, in order to maintain and increase our product quality, we have strict safety and quality maintaining procedures which are at par with the national and international standards.


The commitment towards safety and quality of the product has earned PT. AIM quality certification from Indonesia Food and Drug Administration (BPOM), SNI and Halal certification, internationally recognized certifications of ISO 22000 & HACCP.


PT.AIM foresee to strengthen itself as top biscuit brand in Eastern Jawa while continuously to strive towards becoming the one of the top five biscuit brands in Indonesia through sheer perseverance, giving importance to consumer preference and transforming its institutional foundations into one of the most competitive biscuit makers in Indonesia.



Our mission is to achieve the highest quality standards in biscuit manufacturing and providing the finest quality of biscuits through highly skilled workforce complemented by the state of the art manufacturing facility. Accordingly; pursuing an effective approach towards consumer preference based driven product and market development model which suites the ever changing requirements of the consumers. Therefore; ensuring the company’s position as the dominant player in the biscuit & snacks industry.

Values for customers:

  • Developing relations with customers to bring positive difference in their lives.
  • Quality driven products together with service that deliver premium value to our customers.
  • We have teamwork culture across boundaries to meet the needs and preferences of our customers.

Values for Employees

  • A safe, comfortable and healthy working environment
  • Opportunity to grow in experience, knowledge and skills
  • Welfare for all the employees
  • Upholding the integrity
  • We value our people, encourage their growth and rewarding their performance.

Values for Suppliers

  • Long-term partnership that based on loyalty and mutual relationship
  • On-time payment
  • Fair Trade Practices

Values for Environment

  • Continues to provide positive contribution .
  • Generate of non-hazardous waste

Company Profile

History Timeline

  1. Founded

    PT Aneka IndoMakmur was founded by professionals in the Biscuits Industry, Based on the values of friendship, ethics and quality driven commitments for market driven growth.

  2. First Brand

    Company launched its first brand KANGGURU to target medium income group of customers one of the most potential segments through its traditional market approach mainly focusing on the lucrative Eastern Java market.

  3. AIM Biscuits

    In the mid of 1998 , the company launched its abbreviated name sake brand ‘AIM Biscuits’ with a competitive pricing. This was also the year, we created our signature product, Roasted Corn Crackers.


    Company launhed Gabin biscuit with the brand ‘MASTERBIS’. Hence; opening the new opportunities for the business.

  5. The 3 in 1 Brands

    The 3 in 1 brands of B&B – BOGABIS & ABM were launched to serve the consumers with high quality products offering value for money to the segments of middle group of consumers. With ABM the company offered more specific varieties of wholesale products in BAL category.

  6. Launch of its Premium Brand

    This was the year when PT.AIM launched its premium brand of biscuits under name of ‘SUPERBIS’. This has made PT. Aneka Indomakmur as the one of the pioneer in the premium segment biscuits.